Thrills and Adventures in Cebu

Ever wanted to kick your boredom off from your couch and start an adventure-filled travel in the Philippines? Well, Cebu is the best place for you! With numerous recreation phases that range from sea, land, and air adventures, you’ll surely NOT regret your travel in the Philippines. The said city can also boast of Cebu women who are adventurous, accommodating and happy-go-lucky by nature.
Cebu is tagged as Philippine’s queen city of the south for it serves as one of the economic powerhouses of the country, thus making it a very convenient residential place for locals and foreigners alike. It is a widely-known tourist haven in the Philippines due to its numerous activities and hurly-burlies that ignite foreign travelers to keep on coming back for more. Fasten your seatbelt now as you get to explore the top 7 thrills and adventures in Cebu.

Canyoneering from Kanlaob River in Alegria to Kawasan Falls in Badian

If you wanted to flex your muscles real hard and experience a spine-tingling water adventure, don’t ever miss Cebu’s canyoneering adventure from Kanlaob Alegria to Kawasan Falls in Badian. With adventurous and fearless Cebu women who can accompany you in this one-of-a-kind adventure, your visit will never be laid to waste. If you have height and water phobias, don’t worry! Cebu women are good cheerleaders who will inspire you to just take a deep, long breath, shout 1, 2, 3!, jump off the pristine waters, and dive against the strong current.

Whale Shark Viewing in Oslob, Cebu

If you are an animal lover, then viewing these gigantic, non-violent sea creatures coming in and out of the blue waters is more enjoyable than any travel experience out there. With Cebu women who are willing to enjoy sightseeing those playful whale sharks in Tanawan, Oslob (southern part of Cebu) with you, your whale shark adventure is just so perfect! You can also swim with these safe and non-violent whale sharks as long as you won’t capture them using cameras with flashes and as long as you won’t touch or feed them.

Spelunking/Cave Adventures in Balay sa Agta in Argao, Cebu

Ever wanted to discover the actual beauty of nature through the sharp and wonderfully-formed stalagmites and stalactites? Well, don’t be afraid of the extra-cool and dark embrace of the subterranean world as you go inside Balay sa Agta in Argao, Cebu. Balay sa Agta in Conalum, Argao is a mystical cavern filled with delicate touches from Philippine folklore. However, as time traverses over the age of science and modernization, fear of mythical creatures has been dumped off the trash bin. With Cebu women who are fond of climbing up and down on difficult terrains inside that historical and mystical cavern, your spelunking adventure will be unforgettable. You just have to be extra-careful in spelunking at Balay sa Agta since as you get farther inside the cavern, the path gets narrower and the rocks are way too sharp.

Trekking at Mt. Naupa in Naga and Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete

If you prefer land thrills instead of beach adventures, then trekking in Cebu is just fitting for you. Jumpstart your day with a not-so-difficult yet amazing trail adventure at Cebu’s highest peak– Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. While going up there, you will meet Cebu women who are as lively and determined in mountain climbing as you are. On one hand, Cebu’s “almost perfect cone”, Mt. Naupa in Naga, is just so breath-taking. Upon going there, you have to do a warm-up exercise first since you’ll knees will not hesitate to complain when you fail to do so. You’ll have to take on a long trail before you can see Mt. Naupa’s Fuji-ish cone. The most surprising thing about Mt. Naupa and Osmeña Peak is that you can actually do an overnight camping there! You just have to wear warm clothes since it’s intensely cold when you reach the topmost part. When you finally get to the peak of these two mountains, you can really witness an ocean of clouds, a spectacular touch of nature and a jaw-dropping view of the downside area of the place. Who knows you will meet the love of your life through trekking in these wondrous mountains in Cebu?

Wakeboarding in Danasan Eco Park in Danao, Cebu

If you want to experience an astounding water adventure which combines surfing, skiing and snowboarding into one thrill, then wakeboarding at Danasan Eco Park in Danao, Cebu is a must-try. If you are a newbie to this kind of adventure, there is nothing to worry about for you’ll be redirected to the beginner’s section which has fewer obstacles and ramps to deal with. Also, the wakeboarding instructor will orient you of the proper stunts and tactics that will keep you from stumbling (though it’s quite inevitable for newbie wakeboarders). Danasan Eco Park also offers a range of sports trekking and nerve-racking activity packages that will surely rock your entire visit in Cebu. Moreover, a lot of Cebu women are present in the said eco park since they are very fond of outdoor and team-building activities. That being said, you may as well find your perfect adventure and marital partner here in the queen city of the south!

Tandem Skydiving in Bantayan Island

Skydiving is one of the most astonishing thrills that you can ever experience in your life. However, it will be made EXTREMELY ASTONISHING if you try it with a duo—tandem skydiving in Bantayan Island, Cebu is right there waiting for you! With Cebu women who are more than willing to skydive and shout in excitement with you, you’ll surely experience a heart-stopping thrill at Bantayan Island in Cebu. You just have to get in touch with a professional skydiving group in Cebu, leap off a plane and skydive with someone in the cool mid-air of Cebu. You can actually meet Cebu women whom you can ask to partner with you in that one-of-a-kind air adventure. Your Cebuana skydiving tandem might be the woman that you’re waiting for in your life!

Sky Walking in Crown Regency Hotel

You might have this so-called “acrophobia” or irrational fear of heights, but the sky walking adventure in Crown Regency Hotel, one of the tallest buildings in Cebu, is a thrill that you should not dare to miss! Walk with amazing Cebu women in the pellucid glass floor on the edge of Crown Regency Hotel and conquer your fears completely through riding in their heart-throbbing edge coaster which will tilt you up and down as you go around the edges of the building.

Those are the top 7 thrills and adventures that you can enjoy as you travel in Cebu. Your travel adventure might end up in a grand engagement party as you’ll get the chance to meet gorgeous and equally-adventurous Cebu women who will always see the best in you.




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